Systor Trondheim as

Systor Trondheim AS was founded in 1997 and is a privately owned company headquartered in the technology capital of Norway, Trondheim.

Our main business is high capacity, high availability real time transactional database systems and consultancy services within database and system design. We are today a vendor of several integrated database solutions and have long experience from delivery and operations of mission critical real time database systems.

Our programmers and developers holds as a minimum a masters degree, and are specialised in the areas of databases, interface design, web development and mission critical operations and maintenance.

Systor counts on a minimal administration with focus on cost effective solutions and can therefore offer advanced systems and solutions of very high quality at a competitive price. 

Our customers range from private companies to large governmental and semi-governmental organisations and our solutions are equally diversified. 

Several significant national and international contracts awarded to Systor in the past establish the widespread acceptance and usability of our generic framework, Component Adaptive Transaction System or CATS. The framework includes full support for self-service client access to the central system databases and bi-directional replication of information with the distributed points-of-sale through use of secure internet communications.

Our high-end solutions, the Number Portability Server and Clearing House Server, respectively target the telecom and transport sector with demanding transaction intensive procedures utilising our common modules for advanced message processing and multi-part communications infrastructure.

The Systor architectures of choice ensures both our customers and our investors, that future options related to the adaptability of our products stay open in the face of accelerating technological change.