About us

If you own a car, a mobile phone, a farm or need to call the Norwegian 911, then you are most likely a user of one or more Systor systems.

Systor is a Trondheim-based IT company and our main business area is the design, development and operation of systems with high capacity and availability. We also offer consulting services within database and system design and telecommunications. We have delivered several integrated solutions and have extensive experience in the development and operation of business-critical systems. The company has had continuous, healthy and organic growth since its inception, and today we have offices in Trondheim and Oslo as well as representation in a handful of other cities internationally.

In Norway, we are responsible for the development and operation of several national systems that all residents on a daily basis are involved to a greater or lesser extent. If you own a car, a mobile phone, a farm or need to call the Norwegian 911, then you are most likely a user of one or more Systor systems.

We are acting as a hub and trusted neutral third party in key industry solutions where different actors connect and exchange data using our systems. We have decades of experience in transport and toll systems, telecom and number porting systems, as well as primary industries (national brand and livestock registers).

Porting numbers across the globe

In cooperation with Q-Free ASA, Systor is operating and developing CS Norge, the central Norwegian system for electronic toll collection. This system receives and processes in excess of 1 million passages each day, at an annual value of approximately 6 billion Norwegian kroner.

In addition to toll passages, we supply number porting solutions in Norway, Portugal, Luxembourg, Ecuador, Honduras, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Qatar, Sudan, Cape Verde, Kuwait, and Tanzania. In all these countries, we have developed, delivered and are operating mission critical national solutions in close cooperation with each country's government and telecom sector.

On-premises operations

Our national operations center is located in Trondheim, Norway. Systor has a separate, professional operations department, which is responsible for the daily operations of all of our solutions. The operations department is staffed 24/7 by our expert team. The operations department has two geographically separate, uptime-critical operating environments in Norway.

In addition to our operations center in Norway, we operate infrastructure in several countries. This enables us to offer high performance and meet high uptime requirements some of our customers set for the solutions we are operating.

ISO 27001:2013

Emphasizing robust information security is a cornerstone of our organization. Our diligent practices have led to our information security management system's certification, in line with the ISO 27001 standard. This certification is accredited by DNV.

The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act, recently implemented by the Norwegian government, aims to increase transparency around goods production and service provision, focusing on human rights and working conditions. This new law legally obligates businesses to perform due diligence assessments, scrutinizing their own operations, supply chains, and business partnerships for potential risks. Read Systor's yearly published due diligence assessment (in Norwegian).