High capacity systems

Systor is the preferred partner of delivery and operations of mission critical solutions.

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Processing 1 billion toll passages each year

The AutoPASS solution in Norway, hosted and maintained by Systor manages data for all vehicle toll passages registered at any AutoPASS toll plaza in Norway. The value of those transactions amounts to more than 2 billion EUR.

Global leader in number portability solutions

Systor’s Number Portability Server solution has been deployed in 14 different countries throughout the world. Systor adapts the solution to national requirements and works closely with national actors including telecommunications authorities and telecommunications service providers in each country.

Enabling lower emissions through data

Solutions maintained by Systor contribute to reduced carbon footprints. The Agricultural Data Flow solution collects climate related data and helps advisors with optimisation of measures in the effort of reducing the agricultural carbon footprint. The AutoPASS solution enforces a tariff system which rewards zero and low emissions vehicles on the roads.

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