Our solutions

Electronic Toll Collection

Norway has been a world pioneer in the widespread implementation of Electronic Toll Collection technology, and Systor engineers have worked on and been central resources for both Via Verde in Portugal and AutoPASS in Norway since 1993. In 2018, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration awarded Systor with two contracts in the development and maintenance of the all new AutoPASS Electronic Toll Collection solution.

Number Portability

Number Portability has been implemented throughout the world, both for fixed and for mobile networks. Complying with the regulations, all operators need to correctly route calls to ported numbers using the nationally agreed solution. Systor solves the requirement for an administrative platform for Number Portability with our Number Portability Server.

Agricultural Data Flow

Systor is hosting, developing and maintaining a centralised solution for agricultural data flow – a solution owned by key players in the Norwegian agriculture sector.

Landbrukets Dataflyt contributes to better interaction between a number of companies within and outside the agriculture sector, providing huge gains to the entire industry.

Telecom Solutions

In addition to number portability, Systor develops a range of solutions for the telecom industry.

  • Interfaces between mobile operators and emergency call centers to allow AML positioning
  • Interfaces between CRM systems and portation systems
  • Central blacklists for stolen phones
  • Operator lookup services
  • Yellow pages services

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

A hyper-converged infrastructure spanning two geographically separated data centers interconnected with duplicated fibre connections is the basis for the platform that is running our domestic solutions. Systor provides the same platform as a service to customers, where application vendors can apply DevOps practices in order to deploy and maintain their software. Systor takes care of confidentiality, integrity and availability according to our ISO27001 certified Information Security Management System.